Comsen Control Components

Comsen Controller

Comsen Controller

The Comsen intelligent controller is at the heart of our solutions robustness, reliability and ease of use. The inbuilt WITECH radio module allows seamless communication for up to 2 kilometres line of sight. Each controller can accommodate up to 4 utility functions with lighting and appropriate inputs for meter readings and alarm triggers.


  • Water and Electrical Meters.
  • Electromagnetic fluid valves and electrical contactors for activation/deactivation of supplies.
  • Wireless communications in the public mobile phone radio band.
  • Intelligent readings of supplies(water/electricity).
  • Alarms: power failure, water leakages ,…
  • Prepayment system(without card and device).
  • Activation/deactivation of supplies (water and electricity).
  • Prepayment system control.
  • Dimensions (Width x Length x Height) : 90mm x 100mm x 51mm.


Comsen Server


The server centralises all monitoring information and makes it available through a web browser for administration purposes. A full Marina or Caravan Park requires only a single server as there is no limitation the number of utility services controlled. Ideally the server should be installed where the mesh is more dense for highest performance.

The server handles historical data for up to 5 years registering every litre of water and watt of power consumed. The solution provides access to all the historic data, which can be either exported to a data sheet or visualized through graphs.

Comsen Locater Tag


Offering increased security, the Comsen Locater Tag informs in real time when a boat or vehicle fitted with the tag has moved from the Comsen Controller.

The TAG device is linked via radio to a specific Controller with distance between them monitored real time over a certain distance range. The TAG device has no battery, and requires no maintanance just leave it locked inside the boat or vehicle and Comsen Controller system will do the rest.

Whenever the TAG device leaves or returns an information notice is received at the administration centre.

Comsen Repeater


Comsen Repeaters are used occasionally on specific projects to set up a stronger signal coverage in a specific area. The repeater strengthens the overall radio-mesh and increases overall performance of the radio network.

A wireless communication network requires both a sufficient number of nodes to cover an area or region, and a minimum distance between nodes.  The WITECH radio modules are designed and manufactured specifically for extensive area networks and optimised for extreme signal sensitivity (2.000 meters in an open field).

Installations in  most marinas and caravan parks is less demanding and would not usually require the installation of signal repeaters.