Control R.U.M.


Comsen Control is a remote utility management system for marinas, caravan parks, holiday resorts and retirements villages. It allows remote operation, management and metering of Comsen service pillars and boxes.

The Comsen Control intelligent self-configuring wireless controller requires no user setup or maintenance. User friendly access and control is via any computer or device with a web browser. Easy deployment and zero transmission costs means integrating Comsen Control is easy and cost effective.

Why Comsen Control is easy and reliable.

Comsen Control remote utility management is a wireless radio solution for water and electricity control and metering. It requires no configuration, no cables, no transmission costs and is ready to be deployed and integrated into Comsen’s service pillars or boxes.
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Main Features.

Monitoring consumption of water and power at each site in real time Comsen Control allows all site utilities and lighting to be enabled or disabled directly from the administration control centre. It supplies instant information on notifications, alerts and detection of vehicles or boats within the facility.
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Other Features.

  • Management of prepaid utilities.
  • Smartphone app for customers.
  • Detects presence of the vehicle on the site.
  • Creating graphs and consumption statistics.
  • Scheduling management of lighting.
  • Integration with other vendors software programs is possible using the professional API interface available.
  • Ease of management differentiation of park sites by park area, site size or defined groups of customers.
  • Price management of utilities.
  • Maximum number of nodes is massive.
  • High quality parts manufactured by Fujitsu in Spain.