Reliable Wireless Operation

Comsen Radio Mesh


The ad hoc networks philosophy deployed in the network protocol used by Comsen Control makes the system more reliable the larger the installation is. This makes maintenance easier.

The figure below shows the basic system scheme.

image Comsen Control Operation


Comsen Control communications system is based on nodes that use radio frequency free band, so it is not necessary to pay for data transmission.

The Comsen Controllers form a communications network where each one is a network node. Each of these nodes is able to send or receive information at any point. The central node of the network, usually installed in the administration centre, will receive all the meter readings of electricity and water then it will send all this information to the Comsen Control server.

The communication protocol ensures that when a node contains a counter reading it is sent directly by RF to the central node. Each node has a radio range of hundreds of meters in free space, so most of the time Comsen Control operates in this mode, updating all the system information in real time.

Generally, radio frequency systems tend to give more assurance against errors as there is no reliance on wiring. Maintenance is reduced by verifying the sender and receiver. This greatly reduces costs.

In contrast, radiofrequency systems have the handicap of the nodes furthest from the central node must be able to get enough signal strength. The Comsen communication protocol provides a solution to this approach by providing the system based on intelligent behavior for self-configuring network routing management.

Case Study

When any node is unable to communicate with the central node (Node 1), then it begins its operation based on a smart routing protocol to achieve its goal: to get their meter reading to the central node.

This is done as follows: firstly a multicast signal is launched which is received by every node in the area. Any node close (Node 2) listens to this multicast and understands that Node 1 could not send its reading directly to the central node, then Node 2 will act as a repeater, picking up a meter reading of Node 1 and sending the signal directly to the central node.

The following figure shows the basic scheme of location.

iomage Comsen Control Operation

Intelligent network Node

If the situation is adverse in any marina or caravan park, then the above communication sequence is performed as many times as necessary until the information of the meter readings reach the central node. The strength of the system lies in the intelligent routing capability built into each of the nodes. It is a network that is capable of responding to environmental adversities and intelligently adaptively solve any communication problems.

In a conventional system (radio or cable based) without a network intelligence, if the source node fails the central node will not recive the information. Comsen Control network architecture resolve those problems using secure data transmition and routing nodes.

Comsen Control’s ad-hoc network ensures the system reliability increases the larger the installation becomes.