EXTREME Wide Service Pillar (MX-1200W)

EXTREME Service Pillar (MX1000W-1200W)

EXTREME durability

Comsen’s commitment to the expanded use of modern technology has resulted in the robust EXTREME services pillar designed exclusively for the Mariner market.

The EXTREME wide has all the features of all MX models except they are simply and beautifully wider. The EXTREME is environmentally friendly as it incorporates LED technology for reliability and to save power. It is fully anodised to 25 microns for extreme durability. EXTREME will enhance the look of any Marina with its ergonomic yet practical design.  The EXTREME powerhead is designed to give easy access for maintenance and to provide all the services that may be required in this modern Marina.

The flexibility of the EXTREME wide means that it can be configured to meet most needs such as single and multi phase outlets, light, water, backlit berth identification, data, communications, metering and more.

The EXTREME wide is essential where two water taps are required side by side are required. Also the best choice for higher amperage units and remote metering requirements.

For more information download the MX1000W PDF Brochure. You will find product information on pricing, features, warranties, AS/NZS 3001:2008 compliances and ISO quality manufacturing.

Available options:

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