M Series Service Pillar (M500/1000)

M Series Service Pillar (M500-1000)

EXTREME durability

The M series service pillar is a versatile and compact slimline design and provides essential marine services.

The popular M500 Pontoon Mate is a tried and tested service pillar for private jetties that has stood the test of time against many storms across Australia. The compact modular design provides simple and effective power, water and light. The PVC non corrosive body is impact and UV resistant. A robust lockable 15amp 56IP rated switched power outlet is included with RCD protection coming from the home or office circuit. Power can be controlled at the main switchboard or at the jetty. The pedestal is bolted to a base plate 180mm x 180mm square which is fixed to the jetty. With the modular design parts are readily available should they ever be required.

The M1000 is best suited for up to four 15amp outlets, four taps, LED light with PE Cell. Suitable also for private jetties where more height is required.

All Comsen units are approved by the S.E.C. (Certificate of Suitability) No`s 414, 513 & 514 and by Austell (permit No: A90/831/0226). Models are also available as approved by Underwriters Laboratory (UL) in America and Canadian Standards association (CSA) in Canada.

Available options:

* Denotes M1000 only
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