M1 Series Service Pillar (M1-500/1000)

M1 Series Service Pillar (M1-500-1000)

EXTREME durability

The M1 series modular slimline design can provide all essential marina services including metered water and power and data outlets.

The M1 500 known as the ‘Mini Berth Mate” is best suited for up to two 15amp outlets, two taps and LED light with PE Cell. It is a perfect solution for private jetties and pontoons.

All Comsen units are approved by the S.E.C. (Certificate of Suitability) No`s 414, 513 & 514 and by Austell (permit No: A90/831/0226). Models are also available as approved by Underwriters Laboratory (UL) in America and Canadian Standards association (CSA) in Canada.

Available options:

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