M2 Series Service Pillar (M2-500/1000)

M2 Series Service Pillar (M2-500-1000)

EXTREME durability

This tried and tested marine power pedestal has stood the test of time. The M2 series modular design continues to evolve and provide all services offered by the modern marina. Buyers usually choose this model when they want to provide 15amp outlets, higher ampage outlets, water, light, meters and remote meter reading. Th M2-500 is a compact version  that provides for a higher number of services.

All Comsen units are approved by the S.E.C. (Certificate of Suitability) No`s 414, 513 & 514 and by Austell (permit No: A90/831/0226). Models are also available as approved by Underwriters Laboratory (UL) in America and Canadian Standards association (CSA) in Canada.

Available options:

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