C1 Series Service Pillar (C1-100/1000)

C1 Series Service Pillar (C1-100-1000)

EXTREME durability

The C1 series is the earlier version of the current C2 models. Customers continue to select this model when they want to match with existing  assets. Price is marginally cheaper. New heads only can be ordered to replace non-compliant boxes.

The pole mount version powerhead is connected by a cast alloy pipe cone straight onto existing 60mm OD water pipe. Pipe cone and socket set grub screws are included in the price.

The pedestal version pillars are bolted to a base plate 240mm x 240mm square which must first be bolted to a prepared concrete slab (approximately 500mmx500mm) using four 3/8” dynabolts. For accurate installation Comsen recommends the custom made rag bolt if new concrete is being laid.

All Comsen units are approved by the S.E.C. (Certificate of Suitability) No`s 414, 513 & 514 and by Austell (permit No: A90/831/0226). Models are also available as approved by Underwriters Laboratory (UL) in America and Canadian Standards association (CSA) in Canada.

Available options:

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