How to choose the right Power Head or Service Pedestal

Comsen Pty Ltd manufactures to order, power heads and service pedestals for a wide range of uses. Some of the applications we manufacture for include: commercial caravan parks, campsites or marinas, council run parks and recreation areas, private residences and/or jetties.

But how do you know which products best suit your application?

Some of the things to consider when choosing a power head or pedestal.

1. Legalities: Different applications have different regulatory requirements to be safe and legal. You really don’t want to be finding out your equipment does not comply after something has happened. For example, caravan parks and campsites have different Australian Design Regulations (ADRs) than Marinas do. Commercial facilities must comply with different rules than private residences must comply with.

2. Expected Usage: Do you live on a canal and have a small jetty you would like to supply power too? You may only need a small pedestal with a single power socket. You could also decide a water tap would be handy for hosing down your dinghy. Maybe a light for nighttime activities? How about a commercial caravan park? You may only have 50 sites, or you may have 500 sites. Does your Comsen pedestals need to be pole mounted, or do you need full bodied pedestals? Do you need each unit to supply power and/or water to multiple sites? Does your marina cater to basic small boats, or large superyachts requiring 3 phase power?

3. Budget: The 2 main materials used by Comsen in the manufacture of our products is ASA plastic and marine grade aluminium. Of course, aluminium is going to be a little pricier, but it has its advantages in appearance, styling and overall hardiness, however, our plastic products have been in production for close to 40 years and why pay more if you don’t need to?

4. Longevity: Obviously we want anything we purchase to be a long-term investment. Power heads and service pedestals spend all their life outside in the elements, and this is why Comsen has developed our products utilising the very best materials. Marine grade aluminium speaks for itself in terms of quality, but even our plastic units are made using ASA polycarbonate, industry regarded as the best plastic for outdoor use and known for being long lasting and highly durable as well as impact and UV resistant.

As I said, we manufacture to order so we can tailor make a product that works with what you need. We’ve been in the game for nearly 40 years and have the knowledge to give you the best advice, so why not give me a call or drop me an email and together we can come up with the best Comsen products for you.

Until next time, take care and bye for now!


Phill Burchell

Phill brings more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing to his role of Manager at Comsen Powerheads.

Get in touch with Phill by email at or call Phill on 1800 074 315.

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