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Comsen Pedestal charging and water supply at a Caravan Park

Power Heads and Service Pedestals for Caravan Parks

Hi everyone, welcome back to the Comsen Blog!

Today we are talking about power heads and service pedestals for land-based applications such as caravan parks and powered campsites. If you would like to read about the Marina versions of these important products, please go here:

Comsen Pty Ltd manufactures the best power heads and service pedestals for all locations and of course caravan parks (and campsites) are a huge part of our business. We are proud to see our products serving travellers across Australia and even overseas.

We have previously discussed the special requirements of Marinas, but of course the same holds true for our land-based products. Although they don’t need to deal directly with salt water in most cases, many caravan parks are still situated in locations that serve up very extreme conditions! From beach side salt air to the dry, arid desert areas and from snowy mountain tops to humid rainforests, Comsen power heads and service pedestals can handle it all!

Comsen Powerhead at a Caravan Park

Power Heads are pole mounted onto poles with a 60mm outside diameter (you can use your own galvanised water pipe or similar, or we can supply beautiful powder coated aluminium poles) and Service Pedestals are a full pedestal, or bollard, bolted directly to the surface and offer the room to include more amenities such as water taps etc.

All Comsen power heads and service pedestals are manufactured from either UV-stabilised, impact-resistant ASA plastic or, in the case of our Comsen Extreme range, marine-grade and anodised 6106 aluminium. A lot of research, thought and planning goes into our range of products, and not only in regards to the pedestals themselves. All electricals used are highest quality products, specifically designed for harsh, outdoor conditions. The fact that we’ve been manufacturing them for close to 40 years attests to their durability and value for money.

All of our products comply fully with the appropriate Australian Design Regulations and we constantly review our manufacturing processes to ensure quality and safety.

Next time you are travelling check out the units that provide your utilities and there’s a great chance they will be a Comsen product. Now you’ll know, they aren’t just a pretty face!


Phill Burchell

Phill brings more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing to his role of Manager at Comsen Powerheads.

Get in touch with Phill by email at or call Phill on 1800 074 315.

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