What materials make up a Comsen service pedestal or powerhead?

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Ever wondered what materials Comsen Service pedestals and power heads are manufactured from?

Our entire range are thoughtfully designed to:

  • Be long lasting
  • Be reliable
  • Be affordable
  • Be good looking

Besides the electrical parts, such as outlets, safety switches and cables, which contain a lot of plastic and copper, the main materials used in the production of our service pedestals and powerheads would be aluminium and plastic, however, even the types of these materials have had a lot of thought put in.

Aluminium: Aluminium comes in many grades and can have many different finishes and treatments. Our aluminium units exclusively utilise 316 Marine Grade aluminium and is clear anodised to 3 microns. This means they will withstand very extreme conditions and as long as they are kept maintained (see last month’s blog for details) will provide many, many years of trouble-free service.

Plastic: now “plastic” is a VERY broad term. There are 7 main types of plastic and each of those have different grades and different additives that can be used to slightly change the characteristics of the product. Also, one of those 7 types of plastic is “other”, so you know the subject can be complicated! Our plastic pedestals and powerheads are manufactured using acrylonitrile styrene acrylate – aka: ASA.

ASA plastic is a tough and strong material known for its high impact, wear, and UV resistance. It’s also known to withstand very high and low temperatures as well as keeping it’s colour and shape – perfect for Comsen service pedestals and powerheads which are outside, often in extreme weather conditions, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

What all this means to our customers is that Comsen products can be trusted to deliver reliability, good looks and lasting quality. They are an excellent investment which will add value, whether you own a commercial marina or caravan park, or whether you have a private pontoon at your waterfront home


Phill Burchell

Phill brings more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing to his role of Manager at Comsen Powerheads.

Get in touch with Phill by email at sales@comsen.com.au or call Phill on 1800 074 315.

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